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Quarter 4

Week of April 3: april 3 HW

Week of April 10: apr 10 HW

Week of April 17: april 17 HW

Week of April 24: apr 24 HW

Week of May 1:may 1 HW

Week of May 8: May 8 HW

Week of May 15: May 15 HW

Week of May 22: May 22 HW


85 thoughts on “HW

  1. Mrs acosta whats you email again because for the email homework i keep sending it to myself. Could you please tell me your email.

  2. Mrs.Acosta, I finished most of my homework but I can log into my office 365 account. When will you give 40 book challenge?

  3. This is Marisol Mrs. Acosta today on HW on page 20A #2 when it says write in word form do we write it the way YOU told us or the way the math book told us? I’m confused…

  4. Mrs. Acosta for the math quiz on 20b. were there supposed to be brackets like 18+[(22-4) divide 6] (sorry I don’t have the division sign) not 18+(22-4) divide 6?

  5. Hi Mrs. Acosta how are you hope you have a great day my dog took off the information for my roots assignment and my homework page doesn’t work in my i-pad can you please send me a message that tells me what to do. 😢😧😰

    • Greek & Latin Roots
      Hi Alex,

      I’m good – just trying to stay cool. Your dog really took off with your HW? That is crazy. Here is the assignment:
      Write a multi-paragraph story in past tense.
      Use at least 5 words that contain the 5 roots. For example, I could use the words aquatic, autobiography, inspect, maternity, and progeny. You can always use more!

  6. Mrs. Acosta on Achieve 3000 on the Thought Question (yes I did it all on Monday) I did two drafts and I went back to the article, and when I returned the first draft was gone! Then I accidentally clicked Submit, what now?

  7. Mrs. Acosta last week I did not get to finish the article called the deepest ocean for school in Achieve3000 and also I had just started the article I was beginning to type in the before reading poll. When I started to type the first thing I did was press space to indent then suddenly it said thank you for submitting your work and I did not get to type anything is that okay?

  8. Hi Mrs.Acosta, I forgot to write down the hw in my planner and I don’t know how to use the GO MATH website. I also don’t know what our lesson is. Can you please let me know how to use the website or just let me get my hw in the class in the morning?
    Thank you,

  9. Dear Mrs. Acosta, I forgot my planner at school and I want to know what did you recommend for Achieve. Can you tell me?

    Andy Woodford

  10. Mrs Acosta for our subjects and predicate paper is it due on Wednesday night on Thursday or on Wednesday morning.


  11. Mrs Acosta, I’m doing Tuesdays math HW and on problem 4, the directions say “Write in simplest form” its 1/8 x 2 which equals 2/8 and simplest form is 1/4. But, when I put 1/4 go math says it’s wrong, and I put 1/8 and it says it’s right. Which one do I put?

  12. Mrs. Acosta,
    I have a HW Pass and I received it last quarter (3rd quarter) so am I still allowed to use it this quarter? (4th quarter)

  13. What do we put before our username/ password to get into go math? When I log in it shows the account I had in Mrs.Chapman’s class.

    • Make sure you use the link from my blog or the district website, Jalen.
      Here is the NEW way to log in to GO Math:

      Student Logins for Go Math: student id # @live.cvesd.org
      PW: Flmmddyear
      (Capital First initial, LOWER case Last Initial, mmddyear)

      THEN click on MY LESSONS & complete the task.

  14. Hi Mrs. Acosta, can you put the hw menu’s up on the blog? There hasn’t been any new ones lately. Can you put up this weeks he menu please??? Thanks!😊

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